Occupational Physician

Occupational Physician

A key position for the healthy, literally and figuratively, development of any modern business that goes beyond simply fulfilling its responsibilities to current legislation (Law 3850⁄2010) but also understands that creating an environment where employee health and safety are at the forefront is a significant competitive advantage.

An Occupational Physician plays an important role in increasing employee productivity for any type of business. The services that an Occupational Physician provides do not only focus on a practical and educational level but are also able to ensure that a safe environment exists, minimizing the risk of accidents and absences due to illness.

An Occupational Physician is critical for any business and this is evidenced by the heavy fines that can be imposed by authorities during an inspection or an investigation of a workplace accident.


By having the largest network of partners in Greece, we are able to cover the needs of any type of business by harmonizing them with all legal requirements and providing a modern environment of safety and efficiency for your employees.