Safety Officer

Safety Officer

A key role that substantially contributes to the smooth and safe operation of a business. A Safety Officer must not only be employed in all businesses (Law 850/2010) but also be involved in the execution of any construction/technical works (Presidential Decree 17-96).

The Safety Officer is responsible for all safety matters and prevention of work accidents and injuries, through monitoring, inspecting and recommending the necessary safety measures to create a safe working environment for all employees. The responsibilities of a Safety Officer include:

  • Guidance on the selection of suitable personal protective equipment.
  • Regular inspection of machinery and on-site equipment.
  • Assessing and monitoring proper use of equipment.
  • Investigating workplace accidents/incidents identifying their causes as well as preventing them from occurring again.
  • Emergency drill exercises planning and supervision.
  • Emergency plan drafting.
  • Close cooperation with the Occupational Physician.

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